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LARC is a 501 c3

San Diego Hamfest Oct.7, 2023
LARC Special Service Club 9-24-2018

Welcome to the Lakeside
Amateur Radio Club Website!

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P.O. Box 984 - Lakeside CA. 92040

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Next LARC Meeting

LARC Meeting
May. 10 2023
Meeting will start at 7PM
Speaker: Joe, N6SZO

Topic: T-Hunt Flyer

At the Ranch House


Our Meeting
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And LARC Special Service Club

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San Diego Hamfest October 7, 2023  
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LARC's Field Day Facebook Page  
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***** LARC Net is Now on 449.440 (-) MHz PL 107.2 *****

New LARC DMR Repeater Out 147.225 (-.780) In 146.445 Color Code: 1

Time Slot: 1 Talk Group: 311163

** Talk-in Frequency for ALL Events 146.550 Simplex **

The LARC at a Glance
Affiliations: SANDARC, Inc. & ARRL (12-10-2014)
Founded: September 7, 2010
Goals: Activities to include Field Day, Special Event Stations, Parades, and more!
Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Ranch House Restaurant.
Nets: Every Wednesday but the 2nd Wednesday of the month
Hamfest: First LARC San Diego Hamfest 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023,
Facebook SDHF: SDHamfest Facebook Page
ARRL Special Service Club LARC Special Service Club 9-24-2018
501 c 3: Effective March 20, 2019
DMR Repeater Augt. 31, 2019

LARC’s Philosophy:
The Club call letters are KJ6KHI and the suffix stands for Kindness, Honesty and Integrity. This club is a private organization of Amateur Radio Operators founded on the principles of being civil, kind and treating others with respect and dignity. We do not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, Sex, National Origin, disability, age or genetics.

Community Involvement:
You will find that our club members are a diverse group from all walks of life and are very Radio Active and friendly. Many of our members have many years experience in Amateur Radio and many years of service to the Community and Served Agencies.

If you are interested in becoming an Amateur Radio Operator, we offer classes to help you get your license or to upgrade your license. When you become a member, you will enjoy the club’s Newsletter “The Moon Bounce” which will have Amateur Radio related news, articles, stories, photos, and test site information. We are planning to have Field Day, club picnic(s), participate in local parades, and have a Holiday Party. If this sounds like a place for you, come to one of our General Meetings so we can get to know you. Please contact us at

Chair, Paul Rios, KC6QLS

The Body of almost every organization has five kinds of Bones:

THE BONEHEAD: Who cannot think for themselves and stands there looking into space;
THE WISHBONES: Who spend all their time wishing someone else would do the work;
THE JAWBONES: Who do all the talking but little else;
THE KNUCKLEBONES: Who knock everything that anybody else tries to do;
THE BACKBONES: Who gets under the load and do the work.

Which kind of bone are you?

If you answer THE BACKBONE than you might like to join the Lakeside Amateur Radio Club…


We saw a need to start a new club with some Kindness, Honesty, and Integrity towards others. A small Focus Group was setup to see what it would take to start a club from scratch. All members of the Focus Group had years of experience with other clubs and organizations. We started at the Post Office, moved on to the FCC, got the Club’s Call KJ6KHI, and came up with Knowledge Justice 6 Kindness, Honesty, and Integrity for the phonetics.

We then started on the website and logos. The is a given as most of us live in the town of Lakeside, and we are about Amateur Radio. The logos were fun to do. I looked at my Western Hat and Boots and just added the HT and bingo the first logo was done. On to the next logo, the main one with the horse shoe. This took a little more time to design. The horse shoe is right side up so all the luck will not run out. The Mustang in the middle illustrates the power of its members, the wire antenna “G0GSF” characterizes something entirely different for Hams to think about. The six element beam represents the first six members of the Focus Group whose goal was to “Shoot for the Moon” when starting a new Amateur Radio Club. The black and gold color represents the colors of the local High School and Gold is the color of our resources, our Members.



LARC Meeting Place
Ranch House Restaurant
11510 Woodside Ave., Ste. F
Santee, CA 92071



What is Field Day and how will your donation help us?
We are a private Amateur Radio Club and your non tax deductible donation will help us in supplying needed items for our Field Day this year.

Field Day is an annual event which helps Amateur Radio Operators fine tune their communication skills and train others in the fine art of communications using our licensed Amateur Radio frequencies. By helping us with your donation, we will be able to attract more members to our club; therefore, we will have more people trained to help our community in the time of a disaster such as the flooding in the late 70’s and early 80’s and the Firestorms in 2003 and 2007 where amateur radio was used to assist served agencies with supplemental communications.

If you have an event that you need communications for, please visit our CALENDAR and contact Anselmo Ruiz, KD6PRV to have your event posted.

In closing, thank you for your kind donation. By helping us, we will be better able to help you.

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The LARC has permission to use this site.
All Intellectual Material, and LOGOS are copyrighted to Paul Rios.

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