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Steel Horses We Ride LARC
Steel Horses We Ride

Motorcycle Division of the Lakeside Amateur Radio Club

If you have a motorcycle, and you’re a Ham come and join us! We are one of the friendliest groups of Bikers you will ever meet. We ride all over San Diego County! Some ride will be an all day ride. Most all the rides start at 10AM at Burger King in Lakeside. It is at the end of the Freeway and were Highway 67 starts, the address is 10130 Maine Ave. Lakeside, CA 92040.

Please check the LARC Calendar for the next ride!

If you need help hooking up your Ham gear to your ride, we can help! Bluetooth has come a long way!

Contact KC6QLS for more information

Ride Safe My Friends!!!

We will be riding with a small pick-up group that rides every Sunday.

Berry is the “Road Captain.”

We ask that you ride your own ride, ride safely, and be kind to others on the road.

Each person must accept all the liability of their own actions, and ride at their own risk.    

Some Helpful Links for Radio Gear! Bluetooth it!!!


El Cajon Harley-Davidson