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Club Membership

Limited Special Offer

The Lakeside Amateur Radio Club (LARC) is offering a limited number of discounted ten year memberships to aid the new club with its start up costs.

Ten 10 years memberships will be offered with a 25% discount. This offer lasts until ten of these memberships have been issued or June 30, 2011, which ever comes first.* Must bring Filled out Membership form to meeting ONLY! Do not mail for this offer.

Examples: A single Primary Membership would cost $20 per year or $150 for ten years.

A single Primary Member plus a Secondary Member (residing in the same household) would cost $25 per year or $187.50 for ten years.

Both of these examples will be counted as one of ten 10 years memberships currently being offered.

* The number of 10 year memberships offered is being limited to ten to provide startup funds for the new club, without creating a long term cash flow problem for the club.



Membership Form
Additional Membership Agreement