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NETS And Frequency

We operate on two of the Barn's 440 machines, owned and operated by John, K6XI and Roy, KR6RG. The repeater's ID’s are K6XI. Lakeside Amateur Radio Club would like to thank both of these guys for letting us use them.

***** Download Tools to Run the Net's ****

LARC Net Log | LARC Net Preamble | LKS Emergency Net Preamble

Net Manager: KK6VBI Scott

Wednesday LARC Net
LKS Emergency Net
RX 449.440 MHz
RX 147.765 MHz
RX 147.225 MHz
TX 444.440 MHz
TX 147.165 MHz
TX 146.445 MHz
PL 107.2 Hz
PL 79.7 Hz
Color Code: 1
Ttime Slot: 1
Talk Group: 311163
*LARC repeater Neg off set (.780 MHz)

Emergency Net
  Day: Wednesday "Except meeting nights”

2nd Sunday of each Month

**LKS Emergency Net Preamble**

  Time: 7 PM local
Time: 7 PM local
  Frequency: 449.440 MHz
Frequency: 147.765 (-) PL 79.7
Up Dated 8-1-2021