Location: Lakeside Rodeo Grounds located at 12584 Mapleview Street in the town of Lakeside
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8AM - 8:50 AM







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9AM - 9:50 AM
  Bob Brehm, AK6R    

Topic: "Secrets of End Fed Antenna "

Learn how to select, choose and setup an end fed antenna system that works on multiple bands, is stealthy and radiates well at low heights. Find out the secrets of antenna matching, reducing RFI and minimizing noise present on many end fed antennas. Example installations and antenna dimensions will be shown for 160-6 meter operations.


Bio: Bob Brehm, AK6R is Chief Engineer of Palomar Engineers (Palomar-Engineers.com), and has been a ham for over 50 years with experience in contesting, RTTY, amplitude modulation, vintage radio restoration, boat anchors, linear amps and unique antennas. He is active on 3.870 AM and 3.895 Vintage SSB as well as other nets offering his expertise to new and old hams alike.

Bob is often asked to speak at conventions and radio club meetings about RFI, antenna matching, using baluns/ununs, stealth antennas, amplitude modulation, RTTY/digital modes, ESSB, ham radio on boats, and a variety of other subjects.

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10AM - 10:50 AM
  Brian Slosson, KC2GNV  

Topic: "Introduction to Ham Radio DMR"

This talk will explain what is DMR and why is DMR extremely popular among hams. Find out what is DMR, why is it so popular, what does DMR do for ham radio, and how is DMR being used in ham radio.

DMR is an open and published international digital radio standard that offers feature rich capabilities at extremely affordable prices. DMR offers double the capacity of other digital/analog standards as it has two time slots (channel) because it uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) channels. In the spirit of ham radio hams have experimented and have taken DMR to a whole new level. Come join us as we discuss all the neat features that hams are experimenting with.


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11AM - 11:50 AM
  Paul Rios, KC6QLS



Topic: Amateur Radio in Hollywood

For this presentation, I have assembled a few videos that portrait Amateur Radio in Hollywood. The oldest one I found is 1938. Then there is a Diet Mountain Dew commercial, a Twilight Zone, cartoons, TV shows and a clip about the movie called Making Waves. Most of this movie is about Amateur Radio. Through doing the research, I discovered that Hollywood thinks that most Hams are introverts, weird and crazy, but we know that is not so. Occasionally, Hollywood takes the liberty of making a receiver a transmitter, and also does not always follow the rules per our Amateur Radio license requirements. They sometimes seem to not get the technological end of using the radio. For example, in the clip from The Monsters, Herman hears a click and says “the guy just turned me off” referring to his conversation. However, we all know, if someone is monitoring you on the Amateur Radio and they turn off their radio, you do not hear a click. For more information of what I have compiled, please visit my website at:


Bio: I first received my Novice License in 1986 and currently hold a General License. I am past president of a local Amateur Radio Club and currently am the Chair of the Lakeside Amateur Radio Club since 2010. I was Vice Chair of SANDARC; PIO for the ARRL Southwestern Division, San Diego; volunteered for Cal Fire VIP Program, San Diego; and had a few articles published in the QST Magazine and on the ARRL Website. When SANDARC stopped doing Conventions, I saw the need for some kind of event to bring together the local Amateur Radio Clubs and people in general. So the Lakeside Amateur Radio Club decided to put on a Hamfest. A few members put up the seed money, and here we are in 2022 at another Hamfest.
Also, as I like the new mode of DMR, I helped LARC become the first 2m DMR repeater in San Diego. I followed that up with installing a 440 DMR repeater in Yuma with 95% coverage, which is linked to San Diego, and is open to all Hams who have a DMR ID.



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12PM - 12:50 PM
  Chris from Sunrun Topic: What Solar Power on your Home Can Do For You  



From Wikipedia: Sunrun is an American provider of photovoltaic solar energy generation systems and battery energy storage products, primarily for residential customers. The company was established in 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Since its inception, the company has focused primarily on a power purchase agreement (PPA) business model where Sunrun installs and maintains a solar system on a customers home, then sells power to the customer at an agreed upon rate for a 20- or 25-year term. This business model allows property owners to install solar at no upfront cost, but without the benefits (such as tax breaks) or some risks that come with being the owner of the system. The company has a sizable network of partners, including Costco and The Home Depot, who allow Sunrun to market to customers inside their stores.

In 2021, the company installed solar systems capable of generating 792 megawatts of power, and in the history of the company, had installed a total of 4.68 gigawatts of power for over 660 thousand customers.


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1PM - 1:50 PM




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2PM - 3:00PM ARRL Forum, Dick Norton, N6AA    
Dick Norton, N6AA
Topic: ARRL Southwestern Division Director Dick Norton, N6AA, will speak on the ARRL and current happenings in Amateur Radio

Dick Norton, N6AA, was first licensed in 1955 as KN2PHF. Initially active in traffic nets and DXing, he is mostly active today on-the-air in contests.

Operating in CQ WW DX Contests from all of the 40 zones has given him an opportunity to see the world and meet with amateurs from all corners of the globe.

Dick is currently ARRL Southwestern Division Director as well as president of the Southern California Contest Club. He has spoken frequently at Dayton, Visalia, and other conventions

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3:15 PM "Closing Ceremonies" And any unclaimed Door Prizes to be handed out and the Main Prize!  

Notice for Speakers (A/C Room, projector, screen, are provided.)

Like to be a Speaker Please Contact Paul KC6QLS

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