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Lutheran Church

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Dates: Every 4th Saturday of the Month
Where: Lutheran Church
12821 Ha Hana Road, Lakeside, California 92040

Time: 9AM - 12 Noon

Contact Person: Mike Mastroleo, AJ6NJ


LARC and GLAARG "Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group" are happy and pleased to offer examinations for a beginning or upgrade license in Amateur Radio. It is necessary for the candidate to bring to the testing location the following items: A government photo ID (driver's license, military ID or passport) along with $10 in cash, accept personal checks with proper ID . Yes ONLY $10.00! If you should fail an examination you may take another examination for another $10 fee.

If you are testing for your first license (Technician) you will also need an FRN issued by the FCC. If you do not have one, please go to and register. Just follow the prompts. You will receive a ten digit number. Those process is free.

If you are upgrading, then besides an FRN please bring a copy of your current license. We will provide forms to register for the examination (NCVEC-605 quick form). Please be advised that the FCC is no longer issuing paper licenses. If you wish or need a paper copy of your license, you will need to go to and request one. You would need to use the same site that you obtained your FRN. Testing will begin at 9 AM. Walk-ins are welcome provided that have all necessary paperwork is in order.

Plese visit this site before you go for Testing

Last Updated 8-10 2022